Binbrook - August 19-20, 2000
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Tic Regular, 2nd Seed, Division 2
Submitted Time: 18.50, Best Time: 17.92
Placement: 1st

 Galla, Ivy, Ceilidh, Matty, Whisper, Orien

Toc Regular, 6th Seed, Division 4
Submitted Time: 20.70, Best Time: 19.41
Placement: 4th

Sailor, Digger, Dodger, Rosie, Brae, Hulk Hogan

Toe Multibreed, 4th Seed, Division 3
Submitted Time: 21.80, Best Time: 21.13
Placement: 2nd

Thunder, Keita, Dodger, Orien, Briar, Shaunessey

~Highlights of this tournament ~

Shaunessey and Briar ran their final races as flyball dogs. They have been
competing in the sport since 1992 and 1995, respectively. 

~Pictures from this tournament ~

rich-dig.jpg (78545 bytes)

Richard and Digger

carole1.jpg (47994 bytes)

Carole on Sunday, 
her birthday

Carole blowing out the candles on her cake

carole2.jpg (51548 bytes)

Carole, with Teresa and Laurie

carole3.jpg (53784 bytes)
carole4.jpg (39500 bytes)

Carole cutting her cake

cicada.jpg (44377 bytes)

A cicada, a symbol of long life and happiness


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