Greg Williams
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  ameinw d aisima panta - Homer, Odyssey, 7.310

Greg became active in flyball in 1996, first as a member of The Away Team, then as a founding member of the Time Bandits Flyball Club.   His activities in the pet industry have included positions as Sales Manager for the Canadian Pet Supply Show (1989-1991), Show Manager of All About Pets (1994-1996), and General Manager of the International Superdogs (1990-present).   Greg's Jack Russell Terrier, Bungee, now retired, ran as a height dog from 1997-1999.

As a member of Time Bandits, Greg functions as the boxloader and serves as the treasurer.  His other duties include assisting the Equipment Manager and administering the team's web page.  He has attended dozens of tournaments, including ones in Peoria (Illinois), Las Vegas (Nevada), Fisher (Illinois), Lake Elmo (Minnesota), Mt. Clemens (Michigan), and San Diego (California).

Greg earned a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 1989 in the field of English Literature. His academic interests include Renaisssance poetry, especially the writings of John Milton and George Herbert, the works of William Blake and James Joyce, comparative mythology and classical literature, American history and the American southwest. He also has an amateur interest in geology.

Greg's wife, Kristin, is a member of the Rude Dogs.  Together they own 11 dogs, including Sneakers, his Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.  

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