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In this section, team members will have the opportunity to relate their favorite flyball experiences.   Where possible, photos will accompany amusing anecdotes from our years as active and enthusiastic -- and all too human -- participants in the sport.

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... and discover why the word "perky" holds special meaning for members of the team.

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The team's annual New Year's Day walk in Toronto's Beaches district.

      Unforgettable Moments in Time . . . 

ball2.jpg (5743 bytes)Peoria, May 1997 -- During the 1997 tournament season, our team decided to venture a little further beyond our own Ontario/Michigan region, where most of our competitive activities had to that point been concentrated.  We chose to go to a tournament in Peoria, Illinois, hosted by the River City Flyers.  I have no recollection as to how our team did.  But I'll never forget our evening out on the Par-a-Dice riverboat.  After a pleasant dinner, a group of us decided to go gambling.  My budget for the evening was $25.00.  I was down to my last few coins when, as luck would have it, I hit the jackpot with triple 7's, earning back many more times my original investment.  My winnings later subsidized a week-long trip to the historic areas of Missouri and Kansas.  -- Greg Williams

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          Champagne Moments . . . 

          ball2.jpg (5743 bytes) At several tournaments in the last few years, we have felt the urge to celebrate milestones in our evolution as
          a team by toasting our accomplishments with champagne.  This tradition started in Binbook when we broke the
          team's longstanding 18.50-second benchmark in August, 1999, a feat made possible by  the addition of Gord
          Travis and Victoria Lamont to the team.  It continued in Richmond Hill, at the September, 1999, tournament, 
          when we succeeded in placing first in the third and second divisions, respectively, with our Regular and
          Multibreed teams.  We brought out the champagne again in Collingwood a few weeks later when we clocked an
          official time of 18.21 with our Regular team -- consisting of Galla, Ivy, Digger, and Whisper -- and an unofficial,
          breakout time of 18.00 seconds, establishing a new benchmark for the team.  In July, 2000, at the tournament in
          Cambridge, we finally managed to pass even that time, setting a new team record of 17.954 seconds, again with
          our Regular team (Galla, Dodger, Ceilidh, and Matty).  As usual, we celebrated . . .             

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