Mississauga - June 17-18, 2000
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Tic Regular, 3rd Seed, Division 1
Submitted Time: 18.50, Best Time: 18.43 
Placement: 4th

 Galla, Ceilidh, Whisper, Matty, Digger, Dodger

Toc Multibreed, 1st Seed, Division 2
Submitted Time: 20.75, Best Time: 19.83
Placement: 2nd

Thunder, Sailor, Orien, Keita, Rosie, Ivy

~Highlights of this tournament~

Galla, Viki Kidd's sheltie, was named Most Valuable Dog at the tournament,
no doubt on account of her superb running against top-flight teams
such as Border Patrol and Double Impact.

Matty, Carole Paquin's Australia Shepherd, earned her Flyball Master title.

~Pictures from this tournament~

miss1.jpg (85252 bytes)

surveying the action around him

  miss10.jpg (82062 bytes)

Sheri, sitting with the three founders of 
The Away Team --  
Teresa, Viki, & Victoria


Viki, with Galla, Ivy, and Merle, and Laurie, Carole, and Sheri in the background

miss11.jpg (83277 bytes)


 Teresa and Greg, returning from the team's annual group photo

miss2.jpg (117747 bytes)

            miss8.jpg (160014 bytes)

Evan and Thunder

  miss6.jpg (200637 bytes)

Laurie (Carole's daughter) with Matty, and Sheri with Keita


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