Richmond Hill - September 9-10, 2000
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~ In Memoriam ~

The members of the Time Bandits Flyball Club would like to extend their
sympathy to Teresa Castonguay for the loss of her beloved Border Collie,
Tess, one of the team's original flyball dogs.  Tess died this morning --
September 10 -- at the age of nine.

  "To morrow to fresh Woods, and Pastures new"


Tic Regular, 4th Seed, Division 2
Submitted Time: 18.70, Best Time: 18.42
Placement: 5th

 Galla, Ceilidh, Matty, Digger, Whisper

Toc Multibreed, 1st Seed, Division 2
Submitted Time: 20.70, Best Time: 19.79
Placement: 2nd

Thunder, Sailor, Orien, Keita, Rosie

~ Highlights of this tournament ~

Richard's Border Collie, Digger, earned his Onyx this weekend, the first
of our dogs to achieve this distinction.  (Though Shaquille and Ricki also rank
among flyball's Onyx winners, most of their racing careers were spent with
other teams.)  Congratulations, Digger and Richard!

Laurie Paquin was welcomed as a new member of the team.   

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