For Hot Dog Extortion

Millie Malone


Photograph Taken:  September, 2004

Aliases:  "Lickity Split"




Date of Birth:

May 25, 2001 (unconfirmed)


Black and White

Place of Birth: Unknown Eyes: Brown
Height: 20 inches Build: Lean and Mean
Weight: 29 pounds Sex: Female
Occupation: Saloon Girl Nationality: Unknown (somewhere along the border)
Scars and Marks: None

  FD - Huntsville,  FDX - Huntsville



     Millie Malone is suspected of being involved in pork chop theft, skinny dipping, and cat wrangling.  She has been seen working in several unsavory establishments all along the border.  If cornered she is not above using her feminine wiles to escape justice.  Several would-be bounty hunters have been thrown off-guard by one of Millie's infamous "lap dances".   One lick on the face, and then she's gone in the blink of an eye.


[Signed] Phillip and Wendy Malone