Dazzle Skalka


Photographs Taken June 8, 2003

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Date of Birth:

November 29, 1998



Place of Birth: Georgia Eyes: Brown
Height: 14.25 inches Build: Fit
Weight: 17 pounds Sex: Male
Occupation: Possibly on of the BB Gang leaders Nationality: Border Terrier
Scars and Marks:  

  FD, FDX, FDCH, FM, FMX - Houston, FMCh - Houston, Onyx - Talladega


     Not much information has been obtained about this suspect.  All attempts to gather information have been met with failure.  Suspected to be one of the ring leaders of the Birmingham Bandits gang, Dazzle has eluded authorities throughout the 50 states.  Last seen being driven down the highway in an unmarked vehicle going at an incredible speed.

[Signed] Barbara Skalka