For Assault with a Deadly Tail

Maggie May Tabor


Photographs Taken June 8, 2003

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Aliases:  Alabama Crack Child




Date of Birth:

January 1, 2000


Black and White

Place of Birth: Alabama Eyes: Brown
Height: 21 inches Build: Tall and Boney
Weight: 68 pounds Sex: Female
Occupation: Porch Cat Patrol Nationality: African Water Dog
Scars and Marks: Pinto Belly

  FD - , FDX - FDCH - Talladega, FDCH-S - Raleigh, FDCh-G - Memphis


     A vehemently vocal defensive player is on the loose!  Beware of the Alabama Crack Child.  She has a large boney-build that is pumped with high powered adrenaline.  She is ready to take on any and all dogs.  She has a fuel-filled back end that is loaded to kill at any time.  That's right, her tail is a deadly weapon.  She has been known to dent a loaded Coke can with just the wag of her tail.  Beware, she has frequently left bruises on the arms and legs of unsuspecting victims standing near her posterior.

[Signed] Sarina Tabor