For Hit and Run

Mase Tabor


Photographs Taken June 8, 2003

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Aliases:  Masey Boy




Date of Birth:

September 9, 1997



Place of Birth: Springfield, Missouri Eyes: Brown/Glow Green
Height: 21 inches Build: Medium
Weight: 78 pounds Sex: Male
Occupation: Pool Chipmunk Patrol Nationality: African Water Dog
Scars and Marks: White mark on chest and light colored goatee

  FD - Memphis, FDX - Charlotte, FDCH - Memphis, FM -Talladega, FMX - Charlotte,

FMCh - Houston


     Medium black-haired African Water Dog on the loose.  Wanted for hit and run.  He has inflicted pain and suffering to many a boxloader's shins.  He has recently been seen at local watering holes drinking until he is a wet slobbering mess.  Please be aware of his stringy black hairy head because he may rest it on your legs at any time.  Don't fall for his tricks!  He is only out for himself!  Beware, for he is the Bubble-Gum-Colored-Tongue, Furry-Black-Bearded-Bandit!

[Signed] Sarina Tabor