Thief and Food Rustler

Rudy Chauvin


Photographs Taken January 18, 2004


Aliases:  Hambone




Date of Birth:

January 1, 2001


Brown and White

Place of Birth: Vestavia Eyes: Brown
Height: 12 inches Build: Stocky
Weight: 14 pounds Sex: Male
Occupation: Con Man Nationality: Beagle & JRT
Scars and Marks:  


FD - Talladega; FDX - St. Louis, MO, FDCh - Autagaville, FDCh-S - Irondale, FDCh-G - Bessemer



     Large reward for lassoing this villain.  A criminal of the worst kind, a thief and food rustler!  Will lull you into a false sense of security by skillfully using his cute, innocent demeanor to capture your attention...then he strikes!  Food suddenly disappears, never to be seen again.  He's short but wields a mighty and forceful jump.  Rockin' Rudy is the worst kind of ball-bully.  Round him up so justice can be served!  A lick and a promise to be apprehended all over again soon!

     News flash just in...Burglary is added to his list of talents and offenses... Can break into well-secured boxes with record-breaking speed.  Ladies and Gents...Secure your valuables, please!  Caution-Often seen with a tall, handsome charmer who is developing a keen knowledge of skullduggery.

[Signed] Bryan and Vicki Chauvin