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Just about any dog can learn to play Flyball. Whether your dog be big, small, fluffy or scruffy, the ability to play is not dependent on breed or size. They just need to be able to have FUN!

From time to time Dogz Rule! will offer beginning and intermediate classes. Classes are held indoors on Sunday afternoons at Austin Canine Central and are designed to introduce the basics of flyball to both the dog and the handler. No previous flyball experience is required but your dog must be at least 1 year of age, have basic obedience skills and be non-aggressive towards other people and dogs. The cost is $100 for 5 weeks.

The Beginner Class includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • introduction to the flyball jumps and flyball box
  • building tug drive and motivation
  • retrieving the ball
  • turning safely off the box with a "swimmers turn"
  • passing other dogs

The intermediate class picks up where the beginning class left off. You and your dog will continues to build on the skills covered in the beginner class and be introduced to:

  • the basics of performing a race
  • adding the ball to the swimmers turn
  • distraction training

Come prepared! Please be sure to bring a special "motivator" for your dog to class - it can be treats, a tug, a special stuffed animal - just something that your dog loves and enjoys! Also, a signed registration form will be required. Speed things up by printing, signing and bringing the paperwork with you!

For more information on classes and or when the next one will be held, please contact us!