What IS Flyball??

Flyball is a dog sport where teams of four dogs race against each other over a line of hurdles to a springloaded box, "catch" a tennis ball from the box and then race back to their handlers with the ball. The fastest team that runs without any errors wins.

The course consists of the start line, 4 hurdles spaced 10 feet apart and a box. The start line is outfitted with a line of red, yellow, and green lights, similar to what you would see at a drag race. A large space behind the course (runback area) allows the teams to position themselves and give their dogs a running start.

Flyball began in California in the 70s and has grown over the years. Today you can find flyball leagues in many parts of the world. In North America, there are two flyball organizations, the North American Flyball Association (or NAFA) and the United Flyball League Inc. (UFLI). Dogz Rule! competes in NAFA sanctioned events.

To learn more about flyball, visit NAFA. For information about flyball in Texas, visit the Region 5 Website. To read about the Dogz Rule! club philosophy, click here.

Can My Dog Play?

Yes! Dogs of all breeds and sizes can play. The sport is not limited to big ball crazy dogs though - the jump height is set by the height of the smallest dog on the team. Little dogs such as Jack Russells, Rat Terriers, small mixes, etc. are very important members of the team.

From time to time Dogz Rule! offers beginning and intermediate flyball classes held at at Austin Canine Central. If you think you and your dog would enjoy playing flyball, please keep an eye on our Classes Page for upcoming class dates or email for more information.

However, please note that dogs that are aggressive to people or other dogs would not do well in this sport.