Flyball Video Clips

These video clips were taken at the
New River Express Tournament
and can be viewed with MediaPlayer.

Beltway Bandits Rush Hour (600KB)
Beltway Bandits Speeders vs Hairier Jump Jets (736KB)
Beltway Bandits Speeders vs No Speed Limit (640KB)
Blockade Runners A (528KB)
Capital Punishment (624KB)
Capital Punishment Water Torture (640KB)
Dog Gone Fast (480KB)
FBI Agents (624KB)
FBI Most Wanted (560KB)
First In Flight White (592KB)
Hairier Jump Jets Charlie knock a jump over and keep on going! (632KB)
Hairier Jump Jets Charlie (600KB)
Hairier Jump Jets Mavericks (544KB)
New River Express Locomotion (512KB)
No Speed Limit with Panda (512KB)
No Speed Limit with Kicks (568KB)
NSL Light Speed (568KB)
NSL Sonic Boom (560KB)
NSL Speeding Ticket breaks out! (568KB)
NSL Warp Speed 544KB)
Team Dog Speed (424KB)
The Dog Squad (592KB)

Last updated July 2000
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