NSL Bloomin’ Flyball

Note from Carle Lee

No Speed Limit April 25/26 currently closes 3/25,

I have a request into NAFA to move the closing date to 4/11. This would let us see if things are improving. If they are not we will cancel. Please note any entry fees will be refunded in full if we cancel. Please comment on the Region 15 facebook page if this is a good option for your club.

On a positive note we have configured a layout in our building to increase the run back to 64-65 feet (increase of 10 feet).

Thank you and stay safe,

Carle Lee

No Speed Limit

Two-day UnLimited Tournament

Saturday April 25 and Sunday April 26, 2020

Closing Date:  April 11, 2020 (new)

2020 Bloomin' Flyball Flyer.ppt

2020 Bloomin' Flyball entry form.docx

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