Promoting responsible dog ownership by educating and encouraging all newcomers to the world of dogs 


The River Runners hold classes throughout the year, when practice space is available. Please keep in mind that not every dog will advance at the same rate... this does not mean that they aren't learning the game, or won't be fantastic flyball dogs! Much like people, every dog learns in a different way and excels at different aspects of the game. Each dog in class is an individual, and musn't be compared to his or her classmates!

The River Runners are positive trainers, and train using reinforcement... not punishment! We ask that those attending class bring small, soft treats with them (soft cookies, cheese, weiner, etc.), and their happy voices! We try to make each class a positive experience for both dog and handler.

Commonly held classes include:

*Prong, choke, and pinch collars are not allowed, and should be removed before entering the practice area. We don't want to see them.*